Tim Challies runs a blog over at https://www.challies.com/ -it is worth bookmarking. His blog is solid and always leaves me with something really meaningful to think about. However, recently Thomas Purifoy Jr. – a sponsor for the site and director of the documentary Is Genesis History – posted an article that caught my attention, and saddened me a bit. He wrote “it is my strongest conviction as a Reformed Christian that 6-day creation is the only longterm viable option for Reformed theology.” Now that is a bold claim. Posts like this sadden me as they seem to divide rather than unite. If there’s anything the church needs now, it is to unite and over the issues that matter. It saddens me when someone takes a secondary issue like the age of the earth, and bring it into the limelight as a dividing line. Gavin Ortland posted a wonderful review of that article here. He does an excellent job of explaining why he disagrees and why the issue of the age of the earth, it’s not worth the fighting over. Since the beginning of christianity many solid followers of Christ have disagreed on the age of the earth, evolution, and origins – nothing new there. Honestly, both sides of this debate could learn a few things from each other and I am not exempt here.